• Ganpat Vidhyanagar
  • info@ganpatuniversity.ac.in
  • Working Hours: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We at Ganpat University (GUNI) have established an Energy Innovation Centre with following objectives:

  1. In five years, our campus to become a microgrid, powered entirely by renewable energy sources as solar, wind, biogas and other solid waste to help stabilize and then reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. To develop a self-sustainable microgrid model powered through renewable energy without using fossil fuels. In emergency, the power can also be used from the batteries of EVs to power the grid.
  3. To have a fleet of electric vehicles (EVs), powered by renewable energy and create a pathway for Gujarat and India to 100% EVs and Renewables to meet the stated goal set up by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India of achieving 100 percent electric vehicles (EVs) by 2030.
  4. To be a world-class centre of excellence for research in EVs, Renewable and Microgrid Technology. Develop a “best practices” manual based on the similar successes in California, Michigan and elsewhere.
  5. Establish ties with Indian / Foreign Industries / Universities towards EVs, storage and renewables technologies.
  6. A replica of this centre at CalPoly, Pomona, California, USA will be developed with support from Dr. Ganpatbhai Patel (Dada), President, GUNI and help from California state and US Government.
  7. To develop superior and best in class technologies for Inverters and converters and other storage devices.
  8. To develop fast charging, high storage and longer lasting battery technologies by developing novel anode and cathode materials and study effect of material type, size, microscale processes, material characteristics, cell and pack design, and charging strategy optimisation etc.
  9. To develop standardised protocols for battery life testing and lifetime prediction.