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Our Vision & Mission

GANPAT UNIVERSITY -A Destination Of Smart Education

Ganpat University and the township of Ganpat Vidyanagar, a high-tech education campus is a joint initiative, purely philanthropic in nature, by a large number of industrialists and technocrats, noble farmers and affluent businessmen for the mission of “Social Upliftment through Education”.

What is Our VISION?

``It shall be the constant endeavour of Ganpat University to meet the educational needs of the youth in the areas of professional studies and provide state-of the art learning opportunities along with inculcation of values of commitment and uprightness.``

What is our MISSION?

``Seek, search and offer programs that lead to symbiotic emergence of 'academic excellence' and 'industrial relevance' in education and research.``

What is our Quality Statement?

It shall be the constant endeavour of the University to deliver global standards of excellence in all its core and allied operations and remaining accountable for national values and objectives of establishment through process of self evaluation and continuous improvement.

Why Choose Us

We Provide Worldclass Platform
For 5G Technology Research.


24/7 Online support

We are always available here to connect with the outer world regarding any type of research work and collaboration form Industry.

Helpline 1800 233 12345

Smart Labs

We are providing smart and digitalized testing Laboratories for all Research Works and always ready to update them as per Future requirements.

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